A Message from our CEO

I wanted to take this opportunity to update BRUNS-PAK’s client community on the pro-active steps we are taking to provide continuous/extended service during the pandemic.
First and foremost:  the safety and well-being of family, friends, relatives, clients, associates, and the general population remains the #1 priority of BRUNS-PAK.  We continue to embrace the CDC guidelines with the federal/state mandates in proficiently addressing the steps required to minimize the spread of the virus.  I remain confident that we are taking the steps required to overcome this obstacle.  We are vigilant!
Secondly:  I wanted to confirm to our client community that BRUNS-PAK is there to service their needs during this time.  As many of you clients’ have already experienced, the technological deployment of the BRUNS-PAK staff and resources have enabled us to provide continued daily, weekly, and even weekend support.
Specifically we have:
  1. Deployed the Zoom/Webex/Microsoft/real time video interactions to assure quality delivery and continuous client contact.
  2. Deployed a daily BRUNS-PAK Covid-19 project status and action item Zoom meeting to reinforce the prompt delivery of action items.
  3. Availed our client community to “emergency support” requests – 7 days a week – during this “shelter in place” initiative.  We have used the tremendous technological advances cited in 1.
  4. Provided a communication vehicle that clients can interface with BRUNS-PAK for any emergency consulting/design/engineering/construction commissioning issues that would be escalated to our now “daily” internal call for rapid response.
  5. Increased our quality control review process based on the expedited remote support requests from our clients.
  6. Refined the initiative to share with clients, at a secure file dropbox, the overall deliverables.
  7. Leveraged the transmissions of field data via electronic data base platforms.
  8. Engaged our worldwide partner community for efficiency.
  9. Started to launch Data Center Consulting As A Service in order to support new client inquiries associated with “real time” immediate support.  More to follow.
  10. Continue to monitor CDC and update our BRUNS-PAK policy guidelines accordingly.
The bottom line is BRUNS-PAK is and will continue to be there for our clients during this time.  It has been a privilege and honor to provide our technology based services for the past forty (40) years and we look forward to the next forty (40) years.
On behalf of BRUNS-PAK, thank you for the opportunity to be of service.  We wanted to let you know that we have collectively “stepped up to the plate” to exceed the challenges.
God Bless you and your family.  We will get through this!


Mark Evanko